April 6th Sonic Dirt!

Part of the growing DIY movement, the Sonic Dirt is an attempt to more directly connect musicians to the community than traditional business models allow. Curators Jake Henry and Will McEvoy in partnership with The Brooklyn LaunchPad will present music from some of New York City's most exciting improvised and avantgarde musicians at Launchpad in Brooklyn.

People don't dislike avantgarde and improvised music, they simply aren't given a chance to experience it in a comfortable venue, one with a great backyard, fresh beer, and friends. The idea is a simple one, cut out the middleman-
Sonic Dirt does just that.

Join us for a kickoff of two nights of music.

$10 donation per night will pay for 3 bands and one bottomless drink (keg cup). All proceeds go to the musicians.

8pm - Kenji Herbert

Kenji Herbert - solo guitar


9pm - Henkel/Morgan/Minissali trio

Brad Henkel - trumpet
Nathaniel Morgan - alto sax
Weston Minissali - synthesizer


10pm - Sweet Talk

Jake Henry - trumpet
Dustin Carlson - guitar
Devin Drobka - drums