Album Review - Natura Morta

Natura Morta
Prom Night Records
Sean Ali- Bass
Franz Loriot- Viola
Carlo Costa- Drums
Recorded and Mixed by Nathiel Morgan at Buckminster Palace
Mastered by Jim Clouse 

Enter the aural space of Natura Morta and be overtaken by delicately crafted realms of disturbing sonic experience. The first track on this debut release sounds like a bad psychedelic episode experienced in the intimate quarters of a steam shower. 
"Natura Morta," translated from Italian, means "still life," though the literal translation is “dead nature.” The music on this album evokes both of these concepts. It is soft and slow paced, conjuring stillness. The pieces are composed of distorted and abrasive sounds that reflect the morbidity the band’s name implies. 
Soothing, industrial soundscapes are created by the musicians’ use of drones, bells, and gently bowed strings. Often noises crescendo into destruction before returning to a state of post-apocalyptic calm.
It is impossible to parcel out the sounds each musician is making in these live recordings. Franz Loriot’s viola flitters and squeals into the sonic territory inhabited by Sean Ali’s howling bass. Bells ring, surfaces grumble -- occasionally a low thud clues us in: we are hearing Carlo Costa’s approach to playing the drums. 
In Natura Morta, old world meets decaying Midwest. Carlo, Frantz and Sean, hailing from Rome, Paris, and Dayton, Ohio respectively, have come together to create an otherworldly album that is mysterious, dark and intriguing.